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Rules and regulations
  1. Cats and small dogs are allowed. No other animals or pets of any kind shall be kept or harbored in the described premises.
  2. No noise, music or other sounds shall be permitted at any time in such manner as to disturb or annoy other occupants of the building.
  3. Running extension cord wiring for electrical appliances or fixtures in violation of the Municipal Code is prohibited.
  4. The water closets, basins and other plumbing fixtures shall not be used for any purpose other than those for which they were designed; no sweep­ings, rubbish, rags or any other im­proper articles shall be thrown into them. Any damage resulting from mis­use of such facilities shall be paid for by the Resident.
  5. Residents shall promptly report all leaking faucets or toilets.
  6. No spikes, hooks or nails shall be driven into the walls or woodwork of the rooms without first obtaining the written consent of the Manager.
  7. The Management is not responsible for residents leaving the premises. One of the conditions for residency-is personal responsibility for where­abouts.
  8. No smoking in apartment are anywhere inside the campus. Smoking is allowed outside and on porches.
    Please respect your neighbors when smoking outside.
  9. Complete sobriety is required in the Facility at all times.
  10. If a Resident is temporarily ill, a meal tray can be taken to the room. However, there is a room service charge for each tray. We ask that this service be used only when absolutely necessary.
  11. No robes, housecoats, or any other unsuitable attire is allowed in the club house dining room.
  12. Since the Residents' medical needs are personal in nature, it is required that the family remain responsible for arranging appointments and providing transportation to and from the doctor's office. Where extenuating circum­stances exist and the family needs assistance, the Management should be contacted.
  13. Absolutely no tipping. Please con­sider the facility your home.


Cottonwood Cove Retirement Park
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